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The Future?

First month after remission start

•  For one week I tested Tilly's blood sugar every day, to make sure she was really in remission.
• Then I tested once per week until one month was up.

Post 1 month remission

• I tested Tilly's blood sugar once per month and more often if she was ill.
• I kept my diabetes treatment kit up to date, since relapses happen in about 25% of cats.

In general

• Tilly continued to eat a low-carb wet food diet.
• No more cortisone.
• Tilly was weighed every month on a baby scale.
• I had a comprehensive blood panel, including thyroid values, done annually. Later, due to other illnesses, quarterly.
• Tilly received regular tooth cleanings until she had her last teeth extracted.
• Common problems in remission cats which can raise blood sugar levels are hyperthyroidism or pancreatitis (triaditis).

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